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Get ready for a boost in mobile performance! Qualcomm is gearing up to unveil a new generation of flagship processors, with the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 taking center stage. While the official announcement is yet to come, leaks and industry whispers point towards a March 18th launch event in China. This article dives into everything we know so far about the upcoming Snapdragon 8s Gen 3, exploring its potential features, rumored specifications, and the impact it might have on the smartphone landscape.

Unveiling the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3

Building upon the success of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 released in October 2023, the 8s Gen 3 is expected to be an iterative upgrade. This means it will likely share the same core architecture as its predecessor, focusing on refinements and potentially introducing a new graphics processing unit (GPU) for enhanced performance.

Here’s a closer look at what we can expect:

  • Refined CPU Architecture: Rumors suggest the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 might retain the 4+4+3 CPU cluster configuration of the 8 Gen 3. This includes a single high-performance Cortex-X core, four mid-range Cortex-A720 cores, and three energy-efficient Cortex-A520 cores. However, there might be slight clock speed improvements for each core, resulting in a marginal overall performance increase.

  • Potential GPU Upgrade: The biggest change could lie in the graphics department. The Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 is rumored to be equipped with the Adreno 735 GPU, succeeding the Adreno 740 found in the 8 Gen 3. This could translate to better graphics processing capabilities, smoother gameplay in high-end mobile games, and potentially improved efficiency for tasks like video editing and content creation.

  • Manufacturing Process: There’s no confirmation yet, but some sources speculate that Qualcomm might utilize a more advanced manufacturing process for the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3. This could lead to improved power efficiency and potentially lower heat generation compared to the 8 Gen 3.

Why the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 Matters

The launch of the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 signifies Qualcomm’s commitment to continuous innovation in the mobile chip market. Here’s how this new chip could impact the smartphone industry:

  • Enhanced Performance for Flagship Devices: The combination of a potentially faster CPU and a more powerful GPU could elevate the user experience on upcoming flagship smartphones. Users can expect smoother multitasking, faster app loading times, and the ability to handle even the most demanding games with ease.

  • Focus on Efficiency: If the rumors about a more advanced manufacturing process hold true, the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 could offer improved battery life for smartphones. This is a crucial aspect for users who rely heavily on their devices throughout the day. A longer battery life translates to less time spent tethered to chargers and more freedom to use your phone on the go.

  • A Differentiator for Smartphone Brands: Flagship phone manufacturers will likely integrate the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 into their upcoming high-end models. This new chip could become a selling point, giving these phones a performance edge over competitors. Manufacturers can leverage the capabilities of the 8s Gen 3 in their marketing campaigns, highlighting aspects like superior gaming performance, improved camera functionalities enabled by the powerful ISP (Image Signal Processor), and overall faster device responsiveness.

  • A Ripple Effect Throughout the Industry: The introduction of a new flagship chip like the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 often has a ripple effect throughout the mobile industry. It pushes other chip manufacturers to innovate and develop even more advanced processors. This fosters healthy competition, ultimately benefiting consumers with a wider range of choices and potentially even more affordable options in the long run.

What to Expect Next

With the rumored launch date of March 18th approaching, we can expect an official announcement from Qualcomm soon. This announcement will shed light on the final specifications, performance benchmarks, and the specific features of the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3. Additionally, we’ll likely see upcoming flagship smartphones from major brands like Realme and Redmi boasting the new chip, potentially redefining the boundaries of mobile performance. Tech reviewers and publications will delve into in-depth analyses of the 8s Gen 3’s capabilities, providing users with comprehensive insights into real-world performance and comparisons to existing processors.


The arrival of the Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 signifies Qualcomm’s relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of mobile processing power. While it might be an iterative upgrade over its predecessor, the potential for a more powerful GPU and improved efficiency makes it an exciting development for the smartphone industry. With

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