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Microsoft is starting to roll out the Moments 5 update for Windows 11. The update brings a lot of improvements and a bunch of built-in features. These include more options to control PCs, improved Copilot features, a new Generative Erase option in Photos, Voice Shortcuts, improved Snap layouts, and more.

Microsoft’s Moment 5 update for Windows 11 brings a wave of enhancements designed to elevate the user experience. Here are some of the key highlights:

Supercharged Multitasking:

  • Snap Layouts: Effortlessly organize your workspace with a wider range of pre-defined layouts and a more intuitive interface for creating custom arrangements. Moment 5 also intelligently anticipates your needs, suggesting layouts based on your open windows.

AI-powered Assistance:

  • Microsoft Copilot: This AI assistant gains new capabilities with Moment 5, including access through plugins from third-party services. Imagine controlling volume, brightness, or checking the weather with simple voice commands.

Creative Boost:

  • Photos app: Unleash your creativity with AI-powered features like “Generative Erase,” which seamlessly removes unwanted objects from your photos. Clipchamp, the built-in video editor, also receives an AI upgrade, offering intelligent suggestions for trimming and enhancing your videos.

Enhanced Accessibility:

  • Voice Access: Take control of your PC using just your voice. Moment 5 introduces “Voice Shortcuts,” allowing you to create custom voice commands to automate multi-step tasks, making Windows 11 even more inclusive.
  • Narrator: This screen-reading tool gets even better, offering a more natural-sounding reading experience and finer control over voice settings.

Additional Refinements:

  • Nearby Sharing: Experience faster transfer speeds and a streamlined setup process for sharing files between devices wirelessly.
  • Widgets board: Stay informed and entertained with a more personalized and dynamic Widgets experience.
  • Casting: Enjoy a smoother and more consistent experience when casting your screen to other devices.

These are just some of the many improvements introduced in Moment 5. With its focus on enhanced multitasking, AI integration, accessibility advancements, and overall refinement, this update promises to make Windows 11 a more powerful and user-friendly experience for everyone.

It is to be noted that not all features will be enabled right away so users will have to wait a few more days to start using them. Here are the x features coming to Windows 11.

Microsoft CopilotMicrosoft Copilot is getting more abilities by introducing plugins integrating third-party services. Among them are OpenTable and Instacart which will allow users to make a dinner reservation or order food. Microsoft will also be rolling out Shopify, Klarna, and Kayak plugins over the next month.

Microsoft also previewed various Copilot commands that can be given to the AI chatbot to control various settings. The company is adding more commands to the portfolio. The new commands rolling out today include:

AI-enhanced Photos featuresMicrosoft is rolling out new versions of Photos and Clipchamp powered by AI features that make editing photos and videos easier.

While Photos is getting Generative Erase that will allow users to select and remove unwanted objects from images, Clipchamp can eliminate gaps or silence from videos.

Voice Access and Narrator updatesWindows 11 update is bringing more accessibility features like Voice Access and Narrator enhancements. Voice Access will allow users to control Windows 11 using voice. Users can also create new custom voice shortcuts that perform commands using voice.

“You can now create custom commands to quickly accomplish what you’re trying to do using just a single phrase. From pasting text and media, pressing keyboard keys or mouse clicks, to opening folders, files, apps or URLs, Voice Shortcuts are there to help,” said Yusuf Mehdi, executive vice president, consumer chief marketing officer.

Windows 11 is also getting multi-display functionality to make navigating a multiple monitor setup easier by using voice commands across connected screens.

Other featuresIntelligent Snap suggestions: Snap suggestions help users quickly organise open apps based on how they are used.

Widgets: There is an updated Widgets board that will allow users to create a focused board based on the Widgets that users work with the most.

Windows Ink: Windows Ink enables natural writing on pen-capable PCs. With this update, Windows Ink will be available in Photos, Paint, WhatsApp and Messenger.

Windows Autopatch is now a unifying Windows update management solution that will provide a single way in which organisations can manage updates.

“Windows Autopatch provides the update solution for Windows PCs, Microsoft 365 applications, Microsoft Edge and Teams, and will now leverage AI to program the necessary updates and reduce the impact on team productivity,” the company said.

Phone Link: This system in Windows 11 will now include the ability to access recent photos or to use an Android phone running Android 9 or higher as a webcam on video conferencing apps. The feature is rolling out for Windows Insiders to test.

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